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  • Infrastructure Protection
  • Air Samplers and Aerosol Concentrators
  • Tools for First Responders
  • Research and Development

Leading Edge CBRNe Technology

Because there's something in the air

At CBRN International, we are committed to making your world a safer place. With 25 years of experience and innovation in the field of CBRNe detection and identification, our team of engineers and scientists is well-equipped meet the challenges of monitoring today's often hazardous environment. We offer a range of proven products, from hand-held detectors to large-scale insfrastructure monitoring systems. We serve markets world-wide.

CBRN International specializes in contract research and development, with special focus on:

  • Optical sensors for chemical, biological, and other parameters
  • Microparticle air sampling capability
  • Advanced technology airflow management
  • Instrument control software development

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