Dry Air Sampler for Biological or Radiological Applications

SASS 3100 Dry Air Sampler

The SASS®3100 Smart Air Sampler System is a compact, rugged microprocessor-controlled portable air sampler designed for use with state-of-the-art electret filter media. It is highly suited to the collection of biological and radioactive aerosols. In independent tests performed by third parties, it has out-performed all competitors in terms of collection efficiency and suitability.

World Class Sampling Performance

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Product Features

  • ISO 14698-1 compliant
  • Collection periods may be days in length
  • Useable from -40°C to 70°C: no fluids
  • High efficiency for sub-micron size pathogens
  • Adjustable air flow (biological sampling): 50-300 LPM
  • Adjustable air flow (radiological sampling): 10-49 LPM
  • User-specified automated protocols
  • Wireless control option
  • Long-life primary and rechargeable battery options
  • Easy decontamination, including fan rotor
  • Compact and lightweight



  • UAV's (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles)
  • Agriculture
  • Indoor air quality
  • Environmental
  • Homeland security