Nuclear Radiation Monitors

CBRN International offers a full line of field-proven radiation detectors ranging from personnel monitors suitable for airport and customs applications, to research-grade equipment suitable for nuclear physics research. Our supplier is Aspect Scientific Production Center in Dubna,  Russia. They are the major supplier to customs and border patrol in Russia and their equipment has a reputation for reliability and ruggedness. See  “Newsworthy Intercepts” for a wide variety of past events in which this equipment has been used to detect and halt the illicit transport of nuclear materials.

Stationary radiation monitoring systems for vehicles, trains and passenger luggage.

Stationary radiation monitoring systems for vehicles, trains and passenger luggage

For monitoring for the presence of fissile and radioactive materials. Designed to detect radioactive and nuclear materials during continuous automatic monitoring of vehicles, trains, pedestrians, and luggage at various checkpoints.

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Dosimetric and radiometric equipment for radiation control at nuclear facilities, defense facilities and radiation environmental monitoring.

Dosimetric and radiometric equipment

For radiation control at nuclear facilities, defense facilities, and radiation environmental monitoring.

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Nuclear radiation detectors and spectrometers.

Nuclear radiation detectors and spectrometers

For detection of gamma-radiation and conversion of its energy into electric signals of corresponding amplitudes so that they can be later processed.

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