AnCam 6100

Machine Vision Lateral Flow Test Reader

AnCam 6100 Machine Vision Test Reader

The ANCAM™ 6100 is a portable, machine-vision, multi-analyte lateral flow test reader and communication device. The AnCam may be used with virtually any single-target or multi-target lateral flow coupon.

Eliminates common errors Lateral flow immunoassay tests are designed to be read by visual inspection. However, human vision is imperfect. The AnCam eliminates errors caused by low light, stressful field conditions, coupon manufacturing defects, out-of-date reagents, or errors in procedure. Its proprietary machine-vision algorithm delivers an independent analysis of the coupon in an enclosed case under controlled lighting – so test results are more sensitive and reliable.

The fastest answers possible Most lateral-flow tests require 15 minutes to incubate. But in certain cases, the AnCam may detect a positive result as early as five minutes, and will alert the user immediately. Threat detection response times may thus sometimes be reduced by as much as a factor of three.

Better than the Human Eye

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Product Features

  • Reads most manufacturers’ single and multi-target coupons
  • Coupons are examined using machine vision to minimize human error
  • Results, time and GPS location are automatically archived
  • Transmits data and images to headquarters via local cellular network
  • Provides early warning in the event of a strong positive
  • Warns user of defective coupons, incorrectly inserted coupons, or no control line
  • Water resistant, durable case
  • Compact design



  • Field detection of bio-terrorism threat agents
  • Medical pathogen identification
  • Drugs of abuse
  • Food safety
  • Veterinary testing
  • Food safety
  • Environmental testing



Lateral flow cassette compatibility Most commercially available tests including 1, 5, and 8 analyte coupons
Image recognition/processing Proprietary high resolution algorithms
Types of analysis Single measurement or tracked incubation
Qualitative or quantitative results
Camera and machine vision engine Customized embedded cellular phone provides GPS/map functions
Processing time Results within seconds
Early warning provided in the event of a strong positive
Archival capabilities Date and time; User ID; coupon information; GPS latitude/longitude; one or more coupon photographs saved for later analysis
Communication Wi-Fi and cellular network; send assay result message to selected cell phone numbers or email addresses
Hardcopy output Via Bluetooth printer or Wi-Fi printer
Size 205 x 121 x 109mm
Weight 1280 grams
Temperature range 0° to 50°C
Power Internatl lithium-ion battery
Standby operating time 5-10 days

CBRN International reserves the right to change specifications without prior notice.