Chemical Detection

ASAP V system with stand off gas detection.
ASAP V system with stand-off gas detector

CBRN International can supply many types of detectors and detection networks for volatile or gaseous chemicals. Depending on the specific application and environment, the best detection method might involve Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS); electrochemical sensing; solid state sensing; FTIR; or mass spectrometry.

We have relationships with a number of world-class chemical detector manufacturers and in addition manufacture chemical detectors specific to the needs of our multi-threat product, the ASAP V. These various devices operate in conjunction with the ASAP V for either chemical identification or plume characterization following an alarm. If your needs include  chemical sensing, we have experience with a number of different products and can help you select the product that best suits your needs - whether it is continuous monitoring or short-term use during an emergency. Detection capabilities include:

  • Chemical warfare agents
    • Nerve
    • Blood
    • Blister
  • Explosives of all types
  • Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs)
  • Drugs of abuse
  • Flammable gases

While most of the devices we offer are point detectors, that is, they sense the targeted gas at the detectors immediate location, we also offer an instrument that can detect and identify gases along a line-of-sight of up to 50 meters. This is particularly suitable for subways, train stations, and sports stadiums. Several wireless detection options are also available. Contact CBRN International with your requirements. Let us help you find an optimum solution.

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