Vehicle-Mount Aerosol Concentrator

SASS 4200 Vehicle Mount Aerosol Concentrator

The SASS®4200 Vehicle-Mount Aerosol Concentrator is a highly efficient, high-volume aerosol concentration device designed for vehicular applications. A blower-driven concentration device inside the unit pulls air in at a rate of about 4000 LPM (forward vehicle motion is not necessary for proper operation). Particulates in the sampled air are transferred to a low flow-rate secondary loop that can be routed to a location inside the vehicle. The unit is compatible with a wide variety of small portable samplers or bioanalyzers such as the SASS 2300, SASS 3100, or BioHawk.

Powerful Aerosol Concentration on the Move

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Product Features

  • Roof mount
  • Integrated aerosol concentrate inlet and outlet ports
  • No moving parts, other than the primary fan
  • Military-style electrical connector for power
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Wide operating temperature
  • Clog resistant



  • Public Health
  • Medical facilities
  • Homeland security



Primary airflow: Up to 4000 liters/min is sampled at the inlet face and discharged at the rear outlet face.
Secondary airflow: 40 – 360 LPM at +0.4 cm of water static head.
Secondary airflow connections: 3.8 cm ID male hose fittings provided for aerosol concentrate output and secondary air exhaust.
Concentration enhancement: 4 –15 times, typical, depending on primary/secondary air flow ratio.
Particle size range: 0.5 microns to 10 microns; for delivery to a wet or dry sampler such as the SASS 2300 or SASS 3100, respectively.
Overall size mounted in framework: 483mm (19 in.) wide x 445mm (17.5 in.) high x 876mm (34.5 in.) long
Overall size mounted in framework: 483mm (19 in.) wide x 445mm (17.5 in.) high x 876mm (34.5 in.) long
Weight: 16.3 kg (36 lbs.)
Operating temperature range: -40°C to 60°C
Power requirements: Unit requires 24VDC @ 7 amps. Fan motor is electronically commutated for long life.
Electrical connection: Military-style weatherproof connector.
Sound levels: Measured at 1 meter distance - Front: 84 db; Side: 81 db; Rear: 87 db

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