Remote Sensor Nodes

For Wide-Area CBRN Monitoring

Remote Sensor Node schematic

CBRN International’s Remote Sensor Node is a portable, networkable CBRN monitoring device suitable for the detection of toxic gases, aerosolized biological agents, and nuclear materials. It is designed for use in wide-area, open-air environments wherever security is a concern.

Data gathered by an RSN unit can be wirelessly transmitted to a remote local receiver positioned up to 2 km away. Collected data from multiple nodes may be transferred to a headquarters location 50-70km distant using commercial RF digital transceivers. ASAP™ Sentry monitoring software analyzes GPS and weather data to predict the movement of toxic fumes.

The biological sensor, gas and radiation detectors are mounted within its tough cylindrical aluminum shell of 20 cm diameter and 1 meter height. Other sensors, such as video or thermal IR cameras, can be connected to the node via wireless.  A built-in tripod is used to position the unit. Alternatively, it may be secured to an adjacent structure using locking rings built into the exterior surface. Due to its portability, anti-theft features have been incorporated similar to those used for automobiles.

Wide-Area CBRN Monitoring

  • Features
  • Applications
  • Specifications


Product Features

  • Full CBRN monitoring capability and GPS location
  • 200 LPM air sampling rate
  • Sample collection upon alarm
  • Optional weather station and video!
  • Portable- 12 hours on battery power
  • High speed 100 MHz wireless network
  • 2 km range, up to 64 nodes per network
  • Network operating software - no license fee
  • Plume dispersion software



  • Public spaces such as sporting events
  • Homeland security
  • Military
  • Power plants
  • Environmental



Toxic gas detector – Type I: Identification of up to 20 gases simultaneously at ppb/ppm levels using second-generation IMS technology.
Toxic gas detector – Type II: Ceramic solid state detector- up to 20 gases simultaneously.
Toxic gas detector – Type III: Identification of up to 40 gases simultaneously at ppm levels using infrared signature technology over a distance of up to 50 meters. Located externally and connected by wireless link.
Toxic gas detector- Type IV: Electrochemical cells per customer selected type- maximum of 6 channels.
Sampling Fan: 200 liters/minute.
Bioaerosol Detector: Detect sudden changes in biological aerosols, send sampling command.
Sampling Filter Device: Collect samples when an alarm level is exceeded or by remote command.
Industrial process control computer: Collect and store sensor data.
Weather Station: Provide wind speed and direction as well as GPS, temperature and humidity.
Wireless Links: Local link to sensors not mounted on Remote Sensor Node; and second link for data transmission to a remote receiver up to 2 km distant.
Radiation Detector: Selective gamma ray monitor.
Thermal and/or high-resolution video camera: Monitor for suspicious activity and movement, detect explosion clouds. Can be located either on the node or externally and connected by wireless link.
Wireless link to listening post: TCP/IP protocol, 2.4 MHz ISM band mesh-type network.
Security against theft or tampering: Chain lock and automotive-type theft alarm.
Size: 0.2 m diameter x 1.0 m high without weather probe.
Weight: 25 kg; add 7 kg for portable weather station
Operating temperature range: -30°C to 60°C
Operating Time: 12 hours on battery; 1 week or more on mains power.

CBRN International, Inc. reserves the right to change specifications or product source without prior notice.